Backup & Disaster recovery

Backup & Disaster recovery

A business continuity and disaster recovery plan should never be overlooked – we never know when the next crisis is around the corner. In today’s business environment, even a few minutes of irrecoverable data can lead to loss of revenue, customers and reputation.

Our consultants can help you plan ahead and implement any processes or solutions that are needed so that you can maintain uptime in an emergency. We eliminate the burden and risks associated with manual tape-based procedures and provide solutions that rapidly recover critical server, desktop or laptop data.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Our IT Consultants work with many businesses across Sydney to help them formulate their Disaster Recovery Plan. A disaster recovery plan forms part of a Business Continuity strategy and is one of many Business IT Solutions we offer. This is a documented process and set of procedures that have been specifically designed to ensure the entire business is sufficiently backed up at regular intervals.

A Disaster Recovery Plan will include a strategy that includes; business applications, networks, servers, desktops, laptops, wireless devices, internet connection, hardware redundancy, telephony and remote working capabilities in the event of a disaster.

Backup Solutions

Reliable Computers encourages all customers to implement Cloud backup over an on-premises backup solution due to the added security benefits and the multiple authentication layers and replication methods.

We provide fully managed, Cloud, Hybrid and Onsite Backup services to safeguard your business data in a highly secure environment. Giving you peace of mind that your business data is safe, compliant and protected whilst also ensuring it can be immediately restored in the event of any disaster.

Here are more benefits of our Backup and Disaster Recovery services:

  • Quick restoration – restore your IT Operations in minutes
  • Reduce loss of service and revenue – due to high availability
  • Cloud backups – reduces technical and logistical obstacles
  • 24 Hour Support – we’re on hand to help when you need us the most
  • Peace of mind – fully automated and secure backup storage


We offer a wide range of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for businesses in Sydney to help reduce the risk of unpredicted data loss and restore your systems back to how they were prior to the incident.

Contact us to talk about our Disaster Recovery Planning Services and see how we can protect your business for a fraction of what even a small disaster could cost your business.